Prodej  rodinného domu 259 m², pozemek 462 m², Masarykovo nám., Votice

Prodej Dům 9 300 000 Kč
Masarykovo nám., Votice
původní cena 10 400 000 Kč

Are you looking for a representative family residence, a two-generation home or housing connected with business? If that is the case, we are pleased to offer you a beautiful villa from the 30s located in the wider city centre of Votice. It is a corner building with a usable area of 259 m2 located on the edge of the park at Masarykovo náměstí. This villa offers a two-floor flat with dispositions 4+1 and a spacious terrace. Children in particular will appreciate the room established in the attic. Previously the basement was used for business by the owners. The pediatric surgery, consisting of three rooms, can be further used commercially or can be rebuilt into a flat for rent, or for e.g. parents. The villa has a basement, which is dry and clean. One of the rooms contains an infrared sauna. The house consists of two interconnected parts with independent entrances. The entrance from Tyršova street was used by the family, and the other from Masarykovo náměstí street was used by clients. The 462 m2 plot of land is also separated into two, not only geometrically, but also with a fence. A playground for child patients was built on the smaller half. The double garage is in the direction of Tyršova street. A small brick house with a covered terrace, which would make a suitable summer kitchen was built in the back of the garden. The vast amount of greenery gives this house a romantic atmosphere. Here you will find everything you need for a calm, family life. In close proximity you will find multifunctionalsporting grounds Tsport, a primary and art school can be found within walking distance. Only 5 minutes by foot will take you to the centre, where the town hall, police, pharmacy, bus station and shops and services are located. Votice also has complete civic amenities incl. Lidl and Penny. Pilař rybník, a modern biotope and many others are also worth mentioning. Votice are well linked to Prague (50 minutes by car to OC Chodov), you can also use the bus or train. Lze financovat Hypoúvěrem např. s použitím vlastních zdrojů 2 080 000,- Kč a měsíční splátkou 30 711,- Kč se splatností 30 let. Volejte naše call centrum v době 9 - 19 hodin. Nepřijaté hovory budou vyřízeny v nejbližší době. Při komunikaci s námi uvádějte, prosím, číslo zakázky.

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