Summary This appartment is available from 26/6 to 28/9 AND IT IS FULLY FURNISHED. It is placed in a beautiful residential area of Vinohrady, in the Varšavská street which is very close to Namĕstí Míru, somewhere between Belgická, Francouzská street and Havličkovy park. The building was built in classical style in early ‘900 and fully restored in 1998. A lot of the people in the house are foreign business people. There is a camera system and an electronic lock on the front door so you can feel really safe. It is within a walking distance to the Namesti Miru tube station (3 min) and trams. There are parquets on the floor and the bathroom is beaufifully tiled. Layout The flat has about 40 square metres. It was reconstructed in 1998. There is a company doing the cleaning service in the common parts of the house. It is basically one large room on the groundfloor ( but about 2 metres up from the ground) with a small hall and a big bathroom with a shower. Furnishing The room has a kitchen part - kitchen unit with a cooker, oven and a fridge/freezer, washing machine ( working as a dryer, as well), and a dishwasher. There is a wardrobe, double bed, some leather chairs and a coffee table and an office table. The landline is there to provide fast Internet. Also, it has a satellite cable connection. It is fully equipped ( there are pots, dishes, cutlery, a kettle, duvet and pillows and sheets for changing the bed..) so you can just move in and not to worry about anything. There is a brand new and economical condensation gas heater in the bathroom to heat the room and the bathroom and to provide hot water. Price Because it is a short-term rent, the price is 17.000 CZK plus service fees and energies ( it comes to about 3 700 thousand crowns), so the complete payment is 20700. We would also like a one month rent deposit which is returned at the end of your stay.

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